Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kevin and Genevieve Hill

After high school I attended BYU-Idaho for 9 months and then served an LDS mission to Geneva, Switzerland. I was actually mission companions with Derek Steiner for a transfer.

After my mission, I returned to BYU-Idaho and got a degree in Business Management Marketing with a minor in Chemistry (yeah, I know, very odd). I met my wife, Genevieve, while I was in school and we got married November 2006.

After my undergraduate degree I worked as the head project manager of a $16.5 million project for PacifiCorp/Rocky Mountain Power that covered the states of Idaho and Utah.

After 4 years or working, I went to Utah State University and got a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and then finished my studies in Switzerland with an emphasis in design.
After my Graduate school I created a marketing firm with 3 other people that is based in Salt Lake City.

During the almost 7 years I have been married to my wife, we have moved 12 times (I know...special). We bought a home in Boise, Idaho (picture included) last year, which we ended up selling 9 months later so that we could move to the Salt Lake City area to be closer to work. We currently live in Kaysville, UT which is about 20 minutes north of SLC.

We have 3 boys, Braxton (almost 4 yrs old), Jace (almost 2 yrs old), and Timothy (3 months old). We also are the proud owners of a Great Dane that consumes over 9 cups of food a day and now weighs almost as much as my wife.

Travis and Amy Thompson

Wow, 10 years?!?!? It has definitely gone by way too fast. Life has been quite a journey. The summer after high school I worked for Merrill landscaping and really enjoyed it. That December I left to serve a mission in Guadalajara Mexico! Loved every minute of it. Upon returning I started school at BYU-I. My major was Health Science with the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. After 2 years of school I met my beautiful wife Amy in January of 2008. We were engaged in May of that year and married in August of 2008. We welcomed our little boy Teagan in may of 2010. Getting close to graduation I did an internship with my cousin because I knew it wouldn't be very hard. Well he is a chiropractor, and I absolutely loved being there, so upon graduation I decided chiropractic was the path I needed and wanted to take. We moved to St. Louis, Missouri in January of 2011 to begin school. I am still going and will be graduating in December of 2014. We are planning on moving back to Utah where we will be closer to family. One of the perks of living in St. Louis is being able to attend St. Louis Cardinal games. I love it and my little boy is following in my footsteps. We were able to win tickets to game 5 of the NLCS in 2011 the year they won the WOrld Series (GO CARDS!!!) While attending school we also welcomed our little girl Abigail in November of 2012, and is constantly bringing smiles to our faces. I also have picked up burning images into different kids of wood. I love doing it and it has become a great stress reliever while in school. I am sad we are not going to be able to make it to the reunion because of school, but I have enjoyed reading everyone's bios.

Jamie Walker

Oh, high school. It seems like forever ago, and so much has happened since those days. I’m kind of one of those people that accomplishes something and then moves on. Or does something and then crosses it off a list. Mostly because my brain can only handle so much information and stimulation. And my life is so flooded with new things and experiences that I have a hard time dwelling on the past. That’s why it’s been fun to read these bio’s and have this chance to catch up and reminisce a little. As has been said already, thank you so much for those that have been working hard to put this reunion together and make it something for people to look forward to.

After graduation, I started school at BYU-Idaho and completed a degree in Family and Consumer Science Education. Remember Mrs. Pincock from Junior High or Mrs. Hawkes and Mrs. Easton? Yep, that was me I didn’t necessarily choose this degree to become a teacher, but I loved the classes and knew that no matter what I choose to do, I would be learning great skills that would hopefully benefit me as a wife and homemaker someday. I love the home and family and was very grateful for my education. I have worked in education at all levels, and I even got to teach
parenting, child development, and health for a year at the high school at Madison. But teaching is a lot of work, and I didn’t feel like I had the passion I needed for it. I decided to move to Logan for a year, and then I’ve been living in Salt Lake ever since. My brother, Mark, is the one that talked me into moving here, and I decided something other than a college town would be a nice change.

It was a rough transition at first, and took me a long time to adjust. I’ll always be a small-town girl at heart, at still really love Rexburg and love going back to visit and spend time with my family. But Salt Lake has offered me some great experiences. It’s random, I know, and very un-related, but I found myself working in the dental field for the last few years. I still love to be active and play sports and basketball, and played in college, on church teams, and in city leagues. Life is good. I have met wonderful friends, attended and served in awesome wards, traveled to many different places, and just have had a lot of great experiences and opportunities to learn and grow and do a lot of fun things.

I’ll be honest and admit that my life hasn’t turned out the way I kind of had it mind. I always wished I was the girl that got married soon after high school, preferably even married someone from Rexburg, stayed and lived close to home and family, started a family right away and had a handsome husband and adorable children right now. That was pretty much my dream. And it’s fun to see a lot of classmates who have done just that. But I think about my life and who I am and all the things I’ve done and seen and experienced, and it’s pretty neat. And it kind of makes me happy that things worked out differently than planned.

Amanda (Rammel) Burke

The past ten years have been very good to me. After high school I attended BYU-I working towards a Major in Biology. During my studies I had the opportunity to compete for Miss Idaho USA. I won the title and had the incredible opportunity to compete for Miss USA 2007.This experience opened many doors and years followed of professional modeling, entertaining, speaking, acting, TV, and commercial work. I was living a dream but not the one dream that meant more to me than anything else, and shortly that dream came. I left that world behind and married my incredible husband, Roarke. We met while he was playing college baseball in Oregon. We had been married short of a year and welcomed our beautiful son into the world, Jacob. Two and a half years later we had our angel baby, Abigail. They are our pride and joy, and are excited to bring baby number three into our family this coming January. My husband started a business of his own and as a result I am able to stay home with our children. Jacob is now four years old and Abigail just turned two. Our world revolves around our family. I currently volunteer on the Domestic Women Abuse Crisis Line and hold a political office as a Precinct Chairman. We try to stay active and involved in our church and community, we are happy as can be and are excited about the next ten years. I look forward to seeing everyone

Jesse and Darcy Farrer

Hello everyone. My wife tells me that I should do a post for our 10 year reunion…... So where should I start? The last ten years seem to have gone by quickly. After high school, I attended BYU-Idaho for a couple semesters and I finally caught the girl that I chased all throughout high school, my good friend Darcy. We got married in 2006 in the Idaho Falls temple and during this time I joined the National Guard. After a month, I was sent to basic training in Oklahoma for 4 months. It was a learning experience and something to be proud of. We welcomed our first son Caleb in early 2008 and our second son in the Summer of 2009. We didn’t plan to have two kids close in age, but it’s been a fun blessing. They keep our lives busy and we enjoy every minute of it.
My wife enjoys doing photography as a hobby and she has been a bridal consultant for a couple of years. I am currently working for Dish One satellite where I install satellite t.v. and have done this on and off for a few years. My goal is to eventually get certified in insurance so I can become an agent. We are just enjoying the life that my wife and I have built together. Looking forward seeing familiar faces at the reunion.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amie (Statham) and Sky Downey

Whew! Has it really been ten years already? I feel like we've only been out for a year or two. I can't be this old! Crazy!
Well my last ten years haven't been super eventful. After graduation I took the summer and just played and relaxed. That September I started beauty school right there in Rexburg(back when there was only one beauty school in town). During beauty school I dated a guy and lived with him but we broke up right after I completed the program. I got my state license in November and started working at Great Clips in Idaho Falls.
While working there I decided to go back to school so I took classes at the ISU extension campus but I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I eventually got to the point where I needed to move to Pocatello for more class variety, so in December of 2009 I packed up and moved.
I was able to transfer to a Great Clips in Pocatello and just keep on working and going to school. All the while I dated a few guys off and on but nothing worked out.
In April of 2011 I met a pretty great guy. We started dated and on Christmas day of 2011 he asked me to be his wife. We were married on August 19, 2012.
Right now I'm not attending school because I just don't know what I want to be when I grow up. My husband is currently unemployed and searching for a job and I'm just workin away at Great Clips (it'll be 9 years in November) but we are enjoying being together and I am so excited to see everyone and catch up.

Melise (Arhibald) and Nick Bloomfeldt

10 years! That seems unreal to me! I just don't feel that old I guess! Well let's sum up the last 10 years for me! After high school I worked and did rodeo for a bit before moving to Utah to attend Cosmetology and Esthetics school. I graduated in 2005 from Bon Losee academy. Right before I graduated I met my husband Nick. He was down visiting a friend who had moved to Utah (he was from Washington state). He started flying down to visit or flying me up to Washington to visit him almost every weekend. My parents were less than thrilled as he was "the divorced guy with a kid"! Lol He quickly grew on them as did my oldest daughter Mayci (11). We got married in 2006 and our crazy adventure began! I moved away from my whole family and went from crazy carefree 20 year old college girl to pretty much full time mom! It was an adjustment for me but one I welcomed and was excited about. My husband is a Longshoreman (loads an unloads ships) and I am a non stay at home stay at home mom! Ha ha ha! I do hair at home in my small salon and train barrel racing horses! Between horses and my kids I'm always on my toes! We have 3 (yep 3) daughters! Mayci our oldest is 11 and going into middle school next year! She is an awesome student, artist, actress, and THE kindest most patient kid I have ever met! Jaiden is 6 and just finished kindergarten! She is my girly girly and such a perfectionist! She is also my little barrel racer (won her first check a few weeks ago). My youngest Brooklyn is 2 (3 in July) she is probably the most like me! She is a totally adrenaline junkie dare devil! She has had 3 ER visits and is bound and determined to give me gray hair! She is also a little entertainer! There is defiantly never a dull moment at our house! My girls are the best of friends and I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with them! The rest of our little family consists of My 3 horses Buckskin, Vegas, and Chief. Our 2 dogs Bailey (our little corgi) and Nala (my Belgain Malinois puppy soon to be protection dog). We spend our days fishing, riding horses, going to barrel races, playing lots of Barbie, and doing lots of art and craft projects! The last 10 years have been fun and exciting! I look forward to catching up!